Monday, 20 October 2014

Quick write 2

I.A.L.T - create a piece of writing that tells a story by capturing a moment. This will include details about to describe the thoughts and feelings of the main character, as well as description about the environment/surroundings.

Fast as you can  - Jot down as many ideas that pop into your mind as you look at this picture?man feeding birds,the sea,a sunset and birds flying!

Imagine you are this character. Describe this moment.
Thoughts-Here is some food
Monologue in your head-
Describe the light and water?
What is happening?
Look at the character. Where has he come from? Think about his life.
He is a hobo

What happened in the moments before this. Set the scene.
What sound does this picture make?Skawk skawk

My story

He walks across the beach sooo tired from his work he walks slowly for he was old.
He sits on a bench.Birds surrounded him for he had some bread he had snuck from his work . He was poor he worked for a man in a bread company cutting the bread all day.
He did not have allot of money he did not have allot of stuff.
He lived in a shack on a beach he was lucky to have a blanket and a mattress thats all he had and boxes as chairs not much.
He fed the happy birds a bit of bread he got they flew away in joy into the sunset.
The man walked back to his shack and sits on the box he had a rich son that lived on the other side of the world in paris.
He was selfish and would not give him money.
So the man never had a shower or bath so you could imagine he stunk but he didn't care about that.
One day a chest was washed up on the beach he wondered what could be in it fish?clothes? maybe gold or silver noway .
So he found a crowbar and yanked it open there was when he couldn't believe it it was so magical was he dreaming ?
No he was not it was a heap of gold coins.Well what do u think he did with it he spent it on a cottage and food and he lived happily ever after!

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