Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Writing invataition

Word Smart!!!
My Brain!!!24.2.2014
My brain is at the top of my head it helps me think,it also helps you move.Did you know that the left side of your brain controls your right arm and right leg the left side of your brain controls the right arm and leg.Did you know that in your brain has these things called neurons they are the main part of your brain they help your brain think .You would not remember anything without them.They help you remember things like what you did yesterday.  Tiny messages are sent between each neuron .There are thousands of them in your brain.The neurons help you remember how to ride your bike all at the same time like peddling,stopping,staying balanced and watching the road all at once, the neurons then remember all this and now you can do it all without thinking about it.The neurons make pathways that tell each other what to do and it also makes you think about it to so you do it.
Your brain also controls your emotions so when you feel stressed you can't think properly.Your brain controls your sweat and little chemicals come out of your brain to make it.Did you know that when we are happy or relaxed we can think clearly.Your brain needs a balance of fat,vegetables,carbohydrate,sugar and protein to work properly if you don't you may act properly and your behavior may get bad.if you are sleepy,hot,cold or hungry your brain can not think properly.When you sit down and do nothing for a loooooong time you do not think properly.its good if you exercise after that will help your neuron fire up again and increases your oxygen.Your neurons create new neurons every time they learn something.You need the right amount of activities to  do each day like reading,puzzles,video games and playing music (or listening to it).Make sure you eat lots of vegetables,dairy and fruit.You must have at least have 3 hours of sleep.When you have a dream sometimes in the morning you forget it.When you go in a room with stinky cheese you get used to it in 5 mins and you do not care.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Convertation between Evie and Victoria at optimist yaughting

The conversation between Victoria and Evie By Evie

“Hey Vicky are you excited about going optimist yachting” said Evie sitting in the car

“Oh yea cant wait its gonna be soooo fun!” yells Victoria

“Hey look we are here!” says Evie stepping out of the car

“Race ya to the meeting point!” yells Evie already running away

“OH MAAAAN” screams Victoria

“Come on slow coach” yells Evie looking behind her

“I AM NOT!” screams Victoria  stamping her feet and standing in one spot

“Lets just go” yells Evie to victoria

“Fine” Sighs Victoria walking over to Evie

“Look the first people are going out” Yells Evie looking over at the pond

“Awesome we could learn from these guys” SAYs  Victoria

“Oh no were next” sighs Evie looking at the turn board

“Yay i cant wait” said Victoria running over to our boat

“Lets get it ready its gonna be sooo fun” Yells Evie Picking up the mast out of the boat and clicking it in

“I pegs doing the Rigging”screams Victoria grabbing the rope

“And i pegs the spirit HaHa i have the best job” yells Evie looking at Victoria with a grin

“I dont care i like my  job” say Victoria Rigging the boat

So we did the rigging and stuff and finished at last!

Quick write 2

I.A.L.T - create a piece of writing that tells a story by capturing a moment. This will include details about to describe the thoughts and feelings of the main character, as well as description about the environment/surroundings.

Fast as you can  - Jot down as many ideas that pop into your mind as you look at this picture?man feeding birds,the sea,a sunset and birds flying!

Imagine you are this character. Describe this moment.
Thoughts-Here is some food
Monologue in your head-
Describe the light and water?
What is happening?
Look at the character. Where has he come from? Think about his life.
He is a hobo

What happened in the moments before this. Set the scene.
What sound does this picture make?Skawk skawk

My story

He walks across the beach sooo tired from his work he walks slowly for he was old.
He sits on a bench.Birds surrounded him for he had some bread he had snuck from his work . He was poor he worked for a man in a bread company cutting the bread all day.
He did not have allot of money he did not have allot of stuff.
He lived in a shack on a beach he was lucky to have a blanket and a mattress thats all he had and boxes as chairs not much.
He fed the happy birds a bit of bread he got they flew away in joy into the sunset.
The man walked back to his shack and sits on the box he had a rich son that lived on the other side of the world in paris.
He was selfish and would not give him money.
So the man never had a shower or bath so you could imagine he stunk but he didn't care about that.
One day a chest was washed up on the beach he wondered what could be in it fish?clothes? maybe gold or silver noway .
So he found a crowbar and yanked it open there was when he couldn't believe it it was so magical was he dreaming ?
No he was not it was a heap of gold coins.Well what do u think he did with it he spent it on a cottage and food and he lived happily ever after!

My Haiku

My Haiku
I love my Dog Mac
He sleeps on my bed at night
He snores like my Dad
By Evie

Friday, 17 October 2014

Quick Write 1

Light 3.PNG
I.A.L.T - create a piece of writing that tells a story by capturing a moment. This will include details about to describe the thoughts and feelings of the main character, as well as description about the environment/surroundings.

Fast as you can  - Jot down as many ideas that pop into your mind as you look at this picture? Adult,concrete,bridge
and water,railing,windmill and a kid!
Imagine you are this character. Describe this moment.
Thoughts-Oh man!
Monologue in your head-I like the cool animated hill in the background

Describe the light, shadow and water?It has been raining
and there is white light and the man's reflection in the water
What is happening?They are watching something
Look at the biker(s). Where are they heading? Where have they been?.
They have been in town and biked to the country to maybe get a view!
What happened in the moments before this. Set the scene.
Something sad happens  : l

What sound does this picture make?Swishing of the  air and water

The Picture

We bike across the wet muddy road in the cold winters morning
Then suddenly the the guy says to me ‘lets stop and look at the view’ I say ‘ yes’.
We both stop and stare at the swishing overflowed water down below hanging on to the metal railing.
They must have been staring for at least 20 minutes
watching Suddenly  it starts raining!
AHHH to shelter they ran under an arm of the pole about 2 metres long’ we will wait until it stops.
5 minutes later it stopped they saw there wet bikes OH MAN the guy said we will wait until the bikes dry then we will go home  so we walked over to the railing to see how high the water was to their astonishment it had not even moved its height!
Then the guy say a bench on a hill look he said a bench we went over to it and sat down it was not wet we could hear the swishing of grass under my feet then the man says bye he says getting on his bike i went to my bike aswell i go home in the dark it takes me halfanhour to get home it was a good day today!

Cross Country

Cross Country READY...SET...BANG!!!

I'm sprinting across the wet muddy grass, sprinting like a cheetah.

I taste the wet bittery air in front of me.

My heart beats like a stomping elephant.

‘Oh no the hill’, least I'm coming first,I tiptoe up the hill like a sly fox.I hear the huffing behind me.

Yay downhill, and I dash down like a frightened bunny. I

pass the library and i’m still in the lead.

‘Oh man another whole lap again.’ I thought to myself.

Coming round to the field I am still first . I'm soooo excited I run round the side. I dart to the finish like a deer.

I WON !!!!!!

I smell the hot sweat from my t-shirt, yuck!

I see people going round the field coming to the finish line.

Yay, a lots of hugs from mum and dad. Everyone comes to me asking questions.

Now I am soooo happy.

THE End!!!