Monday, 20 October 2014

Convertation between Evie and Victoria at optimist yaughting

The conversation between Victoria and Evie By Evie

“Hey Vicky are you excited about going optimist yachting” said Evie sitting in the car

“Oh yea cant wait its gonna be soooo fun!” yells Victoria

“Hey look we are here!” says Evie stepping out of the car

“Race ya to the meeting point!” yells Evie already running away

“OH MAAAAN” screams Victoria

“Come on slow coach” yells Evie looking behind her

“I AM NOT!” screams Victoria  stamping her feet and standing in one spot

“Lets just go” yells Evie to victoria

“Fine” Sighs Victoria walking over to Evie

“Look the first people are going out” Yells Evie looking over at the pond

“Awesome we could learn from these guys” SAYs  Victoria

“Oh no were next” sighs Evie looking at the turn board

“Yay i cant wait” said Victoria running over to our boat

“Lets get it ready its gonna be sooo fun” Yells Evie Picking up the mast out of the boat and clicking it in

“I pegs doing the Rigging”screams Victoria grabbing the rope

“And i pegs the spirit HaHa i have the best job” yells Evie looking at Victoria with a grin

“I dont care i like my  job” say Victoria Rigging the boat

So we did the rigging and stuff and finished at last!

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