Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Writing invataition

Word Smart!!!
My Brain!!!24.2.2014
My brain is at the top of my head it helps me think,it also helps you move.Did you know that the left side of your brain controls your right arm and right leg the left side of your brain controls the right arm and leg.Did you know that in your brain has these things called neurons they are the main part of your brain they help your brain think .You would not remember anything without them.They help you remember things like what you did yesterday.  Tiny messages are sent between each neuron .There are thousands of them in your brain.The neurons help you remember how to ride your bike all at the same time like peddling,stopping,staying balanced and watching the road all at once, the neurons then remember all this and now you can do it all without thinking about it.The neurons make pathways that tell each other what to do and it also makes you think about it to so you do it.
Your brain also controls your emotions so when you feel stressed you can't think properly.Your brain controls your sweat and little chemicals come out of your brain to make it.Did you know that when we are happy or relaxed we can think clearly.Your brain needs a balance of fat,vegetables,carbohydrate,sugar and protein to work properly if you don't you may act properly and your behavior may get bad.if you are sleepy,hot,cold or hungry your brain can not think properly.When you sit down and do nothing for a loooooong time you do not think properly.its good if you exercise after that will help your neuron fire up again and increases your oxygen.Your neurons create new neurons every time they learn something.You need the right amount of activities to  do each day like reading,puzzles,video games and playing music (or listening to it).Make sure you eat lots of vegetables,dairy and fruit.You must have at least have 3 hours of sleep.When you have a dream sometimes in the morning you forget it.When you go in a room with stinky cheese you get used to it in 5 mins and you do not care.

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