Friday, 17 October 2014

Cross Country

Cross Country READY...SET...BANG!!!

I'm sprinting across the wet muddy grass, sprinting like a cheetah.

I taste the wet bittery air in front of me.

My heart beats like a stomping elephant.

‘Oh no the hill’, least I'm coming first,I tiptoe up the hill like a sly fox.I hear the huffing behind me.

Yay downhill, and I dash down like a frightened bunny. I

pass the library and i’m still in the lead.

‘Oh man another whole lap again.’ I thought to myself.

Coming round to the field I am still first . I'm soooo excited I run round the side. I dart to the finish like a deer.

I WON !!!!!!

I smell the hot sweat from my t-shirt, yuck!

I see people going round the field coming to the finish line.

Yay, a lots of hugs from mum and dad. Everyone comes to me asking questions.

Now I am soooo happy.

THE End!!!

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